Tuesday, July 1, 2008

UPDATE...sorry it's been so long

Well, life sure keeps us busy sometimes. It's funny too, I mean I thought I would be so bored in my new role as stay-at-home mom because I wouldn't have much to do, but I never realized how much time is actually involved in keeping little Andrew alive. Now...if I'm being honest, that's not to say that it doesn't ever get boring, because it can, but I still love it!! Anyway, it's been a long time since we posted anything so I thought I'd give a quick update for anyone who may be interested. Since the last post Andrew has turned 2 months old!! WOW! Time is already flying by, it seems like I just got back from the hospital. We have also moved to live with my Grandpa in American Fork. We will be here for the next year while Mike finishes his undergraduate work and then it's off to grad school! It's been great living so close to family but we definitely miss all our friends in Provo (that's a shout out to the Provo clan...WORD!)

Andrew is growing, growing, growing! He can now smile and I gotta say it is the cutest thing in the world! He is still an amazingly well-behaved little guy but he did give me a couple rough weeks where he would cry non-stop for 3-4 hours in the evening. I thought maybe it had become colicky but he is back to his normal easy going self and I think maybe it was just a growth spurt or something. I'm sure there are more weeks to come but it really is nice to have the calm Andrew back for the meantime.

Currenlty we are gearing up for Mike's parents and brother, Matt, to come. They will be here sometime in the end of July (I can't remember the exact dates at the moment) and we are SOOO excited to see them. They haven't actually met Andrew yet so it will be very exciting!

The last thing that has kept our little family entertained is the TV series LOST. We don't have cable so we invested and bought season 1 on the word that it was a great show. We had no expectations and were just excited to have the means of vegging out for a little after a long day. Well...we put in that first DVD and literally from the first minute we were hooked. I know, I know...many of you are probably thinking, what took these guys so long to figure it out, but it is great! It has just the right blend of humor, mystery and drama. In fact we actually just finished season 1 and I find my mind wondering during the day trying to come up with ideas about what can possibly be in the hatch?!?! Anyway, now that we are hooked we have to buy season 2 which will then lead to season 3, etc. Grrr....that cycle of addiction is upon us but even so I will say to anyone out there looking for a nice way to entertain for 42 minutes at the end of your day, LOST as a good choice.

Well...that's about it for the moment. I will hopefully be updating more soon. In the meantime here are some fun pictures of the fam. Enjoy!

He looks cute in his plaid pants!

Yep...he is wearing a wig, SMILING and wearing a wig!

He's got big shoes to fill...he feels the pressure.

Gross...I need a tan, but Andrew...he is CUTE!!!!

Aren't they both so handsome!