Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Turn that frown into a smile!!!!!

For those of you who actually read this wee blog I just wanted to shout out that all is well in Aberdeen. Yes...I am, WE are, still alive. Although to be honest, sometimes it doesn't always feel like it. I know...weird Emily, what do you mean?!?!?

I just mean that over the last couple months life has been a bit mundane to say the least. Weather has kept us inside, kids are cute and lovely but also cranky, and Mike has been busy, busy, busy locked in his room or on campus studying his brain out. You know, so after doing the same thing over and over it gets really...what's the word I want to use...boring, depressing, habitual. And to top that off although my days are filled to the brim with "same ol', same ol'" I still NEVER have time to do things I WANT to do. These types of things include, but are not limited to: Blogging (this blog and another writing blog I belong to), writing, reading (although that has gotten much easier thanks to the Kindle--THANKS again Camille), watching TV or EXERCISE!!!

This is mainly due to the fact that I have a wee baby who is currently in the process of getting a nap schedule down and my little Andrew wants my attention whenever I am not occupied with the afore mentioned baby. I actually really like this....please don't get me wrong. I genuinely, truly LOVE being a mom and both Andrew and Abby are growing so fast and doing some of the cutest things. For example here are a few of Andrew's little sayings these days:
ANDREW: Mom, watcha doin'?
ME:I'm changing Abby
ANDREW: Be careful, she's stinky!


ME: You're a good boy Andrew!
ANDREW: Best in the whole world?
ME: Yep, best in the whole world.
ANDREW: Baby Abby best in the whole world too!

Anyway, see what I mean?!? Cute, I like, and WANT, to spend all my time with these two little rugrats and I can honestly say that 90% of the time I am content and happy to just go about our days filled with toys, cartoons, nappies and juice. However, the other 10% can really kick me in the pants sometimes. AND it becomes much more magnified when there is a whole lot of the mundane going on. So anyway, Mike and I have both been feeling it and so we decided that one of the first things we needed to make time for was exercise. So tonight was the first of what I hope to be many more gym nights. Can I just say that it was just what the doctor ordered, for cryin' out loud!! My spirits have been automatically lifted and I feel so rejuvenated.

I firmly believe that attitude is what ultimately makes or breaks a persons happiness but sometimes in order to get that positive attitude a-flowin' I need to take time out to do something I want to do just because I want to do it. So, back to tonight, I left the dishes undone, the living room a mess and my little kiddos with their wonderfully helpful daddy and rocked the gym for an hour. When I came back there were still messes to clean and one kid to sort out but, oh, how I had the energy and will power to do it!

And now...well, now the mess is sorted and the kid is dreaming sweetly so I even got to do a little blogging. HAH! Sheer bliss I tell ya! I know, I know these things are little but I must never forget how it's these little things that help to fill my Emily tank which in turn fills my mommy tank. So, lesson learned (re-learned, reminded?): I am going to make these little things a bigger (but not overly dominant) part of my life because, after all, I sure do like to smile...and I think the kids like it too!