Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sesame Street!

Today after I got Andrew all settled down, fed and ready for the day I flipped on the TV (for some background noise--I don't like it when it's quiet)and Sesame Street happened to be on. Andrew hasn't really ever watched TV, well..every now and then he'll catch a glimpse of a cartoon or funny commercial and it will make him laugh a little, but I've never prompted him to and I try not having it on too often in the day so we've never really explored it. Anyway, so I turn on Sesame Street and Andrew suddenly stops dead in his drool and looks up to the sound of Cookie Monster crunching cookies and gobbling cake. The kid bust up! Andrew has never really been a laugher, he does this cute little chipmunk giggle things but has only rarely done a full out belly laugh. Well, maybe it was the fuzzy, blue face or the silly chomping sounds but Andrew's new favorites are the Sesame Street characters.

I took this video to try and capture the laughing. It's not the best, he was laughing harder before but you can still get the idea.

We sure love this boy!
(P.S. Just ignore the mess...you know how it is. :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Some West News

Oh, so it's been a few weeks and I thought it was time for a bit of an update. So, here it is: not much.

You know how when you talk to someone whom you haven't seen in awhile and you eventually ask the inevitable question, "What's new with you?" and they respond by simply saying, "Not much." Cricket chirping follows and it's all awkward? Know what I'm talking about? Well, that's kind of how I feel our response is right now, I mean really, not much is new or 'happenin' but I don't like the lame-o, response of "not much" because I think the little things are interesting and fun so I have conjured up a few little experiences over the last few weeks to share. Sorry if it's lame, but...better than nothing, I say.

First off...I am very grateful for Mike! I mean, let's be honest I love him he is such a hard worker and great hubby/father but these last few weeks I was/am especially grateful to him. Here is why. I have been continually doing my daily Turbo Jam exercises that include punching, kicking and a lot of hideously awkward bouncing (I wrote a previous post on this if you want more info) anyway, I feel super comfortable with this workout now-a-days and have gotten much more energetic in my performance. So...the result (other than embarrassing jumps and dancing) is rib issues. Well, due to that and the fact that little Andrew is fast becoming heavy Andrew. See, I noticed a nagging pain in my back about a month ago and it never really went away and then one day a couple weeks ago I was doing a work out and just as I was throwing a nasty hook punch into the face of my imaginary foe I felt a sharp crackish kind of pain in where the nagging one had previously been. Luckily Mike was home. I went to him and starting trying to explain what I was feeling--like a roll of quarters were stuck in my back and boy, did it hurt to breath! Well, seeing as he is an awesomely smart and dashing athletic trainer he knew what was up and calmly told me to "relax, put some heat on it and then I'll pop it back in."
Me: "Excuse me? Pop what back in?"
MIke: "Oh, your rib is out. No worries, I can pop it back in."
Me: Gulp...

So I heat it for about 20 minutes and then Mike tells me to lay down on the floor, so I did. He then proceeded to curl me up into the fetal position and then roll me onto my back and then, CRACK, after a sickening sound and even worse popping feeling, the pain suddenly was gone. He popped my rib back into place, just like that. No doctor appointment or chiropractor fee. It was oober sore the next day but after that it's been like new. I am sure grateful he knows how to fix things like that, and I'm even more grateful that he's my own personal fix-it dude when it come to those types of injuries. HAH!

Another thing that we have done this last week is, well...enjoy the weather! It's been great and I sure hope it's staying! We have been on lot's of walks, played in multiple parks and/or just sat outside on the porch to enjoy the warmth. If you haven't taken advantage of this yet, I highly recommend it, even if it's just for a few minutes. It will definitely lift your mood.

Mike has applied to a PT school in Scotland and we are awaiting their response. We will most likely not hear anything for a month or two but it's fun to at least get the ball rolling on the grad school front. He can't apply to any schools in the states yet, so we'll keep you posted when those go out.

Andrew is a grower and a learner. He is just a little over a month away from his first birthday! I can't believe it! Some days it seems like I just got back from the hospital, but others feel like he's always been here. He can clap and climb on furniture and even stand without holding on to anything (although once he realizes what he's doing he gets scared and falls over) but I don't think walking is too far away. He still has no teeth though. Should I be worried? Everyone tells me no, but c'mon there is nothing there, just a cute, gummy, toothless grin. There was once when I thought I say a tooth. I really did, on the top...Mike saw it too and I even called my mom to tell her it was finally there. However, when I woke up the next morning it was gone. What?! Yeah, seriously I don't get it, we now refer to it as the phantom tooth, but that is not normal, MIke and I swear we both saw it. Obviously we were mistaken but I that was more than a month ago and I thought for sure there would be some sign of teeth by now. Who knows? And I have heard they make baby denchers...how funny would that be, just imagine! But other than the no tooth thing Andrew is a cute, thriving little mess maker and we sure love him!

That's it for out update. Hopefully it helps you see how regular our lives are. BUT regular is good, I like regular and I'll take it any day! Hope everyone else is doing great and I would recommend you update those blogs, even it you think there is nothing note worthy. We always love to make sure your doing well, even on you regular days! :-)

I am going to leave you with some funny pictures of Andrew (I thought they were funny, anyway...Mike might kill me for doing this) I like to call it, "Will the real Andrew West please stand up?" These are some pictures we have taken since his birth and you decide which one depicts the real Andrew. :-)

This one?

How about this one?

Or...this one?

Is this the real Andrew?

What about this or....


Just joking! I really do have carton loads more of cute pictures than un-cute pictures, but then again I am extremely biased. :-)