Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Blog Layout

So, I decided to just change the layout of ye ol' blog for fun and this is what I did. Now...I added a little cheesy line under the blog title and for those of you who ever lived in down town P-town will notice it may sound familiar--"Always and adventure...always". Ring any bells?!?! HA! It's all about the tribute to HONKS, baby! Mike and I always thought it was hilarious, that Honks, the ultimate dollar store, had that little catch phrase on every sign of their building. I mean, is Honks really and adventure...always?!?! REALLY?!?! Well, we thought so...oh yeah!!! So as a little tribute to our dollar store lives (that's right we are still very much in the starving student phase)I have borrowed the Honks phrase for my little blog. No I am not that cheesy, really (well...maybe I am...) but nevertheless here it will stick. New blog layout, new title catch phrase...suhweet!

(P.S. If anyone knows how to create a title complete with picture that you can simply upload I would love suggestions. However, I don't have photoshop so maybe that's the problem...anyway, have a great day!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mudder's Daddy!

Today is Mother's Day in the UK. Mike and Andrew have been very sweet to me this morning. They let me sleep in a little and made sure I have felt loved. Mike even taught Andrew to say "Happy Mother's Day"...however for some reason he is struggling a little with a few of the words. So when Andrew came up to tell me his new phrase he proudly looked at me and said, "Happy Mudder's Daddy!" all of you "Mudder's" out there, in the UK or the US, I hope you have a HAPPY MUDDER'S DADDY!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We are alive...

Sorry I've been off the radar...again...for a few weeks. Truth is it's been a VERY busy few weeks. A lot has been going on. My parents were just here for a week and they left on Wednesday. It was SOOOOOO good to have them here and the time really went much too fast!!! I don't have pictures of all that yet, but I will most likely be posting about that lil' adventure next. Anyway, before they came Mike's parents also came and stayed with us for a few days...again, so wonderful to have them here! Mike's Mum made us a dinner of pancakes because they were here on Shrove Tuesday (aka pancake day) which is celebrated in England in remembrance of you don't eat things with leaven, hence the pancakes. Anyway, it was a delicious meal and they spoiled us! You know, I may be 27 and a parent but it is still nice to be spoiled!!! :-)

Anyway, this post is mainly just say we are not dead, in fact we are still very much alive and to proove it here are some pictures of what we have been up to since we made the move about 2 months ago. For those who like this sort of thing...I hope you enjoy!!!

These are a few pictures we took when we made our first visit into the city centre (that's right..."center" spelled c-e-n-t-r-e...when in Rome...) Anyway, this is the a nice view of the Brig O'Dee (I beleive). It is the bridge which runs over one of two main rivers that run throught the whole of Aberdeen. So nice!

HAH! This is a cool statue of the great WILLIAM WALLACE. Yes, that is Mike at his feet, humble before that great protector of Scotland. Saviour from the tryanical English (OK, mike I am joking!!! He just chewed me out!) I just thought it was fun...and yes, I made Mike pose for this.

There are two campus' (is it campi?!?)...anyway, there are two locations that house Mike's Uni. There is one in the city centre and the other one (the one Mike attends) is in a more residential area called Garthdee. I have no pictures of Mike's actual campus but if he attended the one in the City, this would be it. Pretty cool!

This is St. Nicholas' cathedral. Very old and very massive...when you walk on the grounds it feels like you are literally walking through history. I love it!

This is the graveyard at St. Nicholas Cathedral. When my parents came they actually found a headstone with possible family lineage...pretty amazing!

This is a small castle that is only about 5 minutes from our flat. It is called Drum and is home to the oldest tower in Scotland, an original gift from Robert the Bruce to a friend. Although much of the castle is newer, with additions being made in the 1600-1800's, the tower was erected in the end of the 1200's. CRAZY!

More pictures of Drum

One of the great things about these castles is that they have wonderful play areas for children on the grounds. At Drum they have this mini-midieval wood to the side of a nice playground. Here are Andrew and I venturing into the forest. (Can't you imagine how cool this would be when you were a kid...make beleive about being a knight and then THIS is your backdrop?!?)

More pictures of the woods at Drum

Andrew going down the slide at Drum

Mike and I outside of Drum

The following few pictures are when we spent and afternoon at the beach. Yes, it was a beach but don't be was FREEZING cold outside, but we couldn't help ourselves. Here is Andrew and Mike chasing the waves.

Just some pictures of the beach itself. Doesn't it look like a Scottish beach...definitely not tropical!

Clam shells everywhere!

Grassy beach...

Andrew in the grass

Oh! Wonder why Andrew's pants look darker at the bottom?!? Well that is because as soon as we looked away for literally 3 seconds Andrew ran into one of the waves and fell down. Yes, my boy likes adventure! Needless to say this ended our little trip to the beach because, while I am sure it was exhilarating, that water comes from the North sea...and I didn't want Andrew to get hypothermia!

This next picture group is from a visit we took to a village called Stonehaven. This is probably my favourite village. It's like something you would imagine from a story book. It's hundreds of years old, nestles along the coast and scattered with old fishing huts and houses that still have thatched roofs! Here is a picture of the beach there. I just love the old, craggy rocks!

This is a picture of Dunottar castle which is in Stonehaven. It is like a dream. Nestled on a large rock gutting up from the sea, it was once one the most impenterable fortresses in the whole of Scotland. So much so that the crown jewels were even held here for a time. Now it is mostly ruins but one can imagine what it would have been like in it's hay day!

Walking closer to Dunnottar

These are some views from the top of the cliff:

Okay...last but not least here are some pictures of funny, crazy and ever growing Andrew. he despertely needed a haircut and Mike really didn't want me to but he FINALLY gave in and let me trim it. Here are some pictures of the event.

Here is Andrew in the tub, just before his shaggy mess was tamed.

All ready and sudded up!

And the after results! He looks so old...I can't beleive he is more little boy than baby these days!