Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A nice, relaxing morning

Just wanted to say that I think my husband is the best in the world. I have been having constant Braxton Hicks contractions lately, not the kind that means labor is coming, but the kind that is annoying enough to make life really uncomfortable and my patience scripture-page thin. Anyway, right now Mike's older bro, Matt, is here for a visit which is always nice, he is so good with Andrew. But that also means we are going non-stop here there and everywhere. Normally that is something I love, but with the state I am in I'm afraid all I REALLY want to do is sit (and um...eat chocolate). So this morning Mike was fantastic and gave me the morning off. He, Andrew and Matt have gone to the local farm to pick some berries and go for some walks. I get to just be home and do whatever I want. :-)

So far it has been bliss! I took time to have a long, hot shower, I have blogged to my little hearts content and now I am going to clean. Yes, clean...I actually really like to do it, it's therapeutic and I think I am hitting the nesting phase because it's all I want to do right now. Normally it's just a pain because I will clean one mess as Andrew makes another but this morning, it will last (well, at least for 15 minutes until they get home) and for that I am grateful!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A child cannot live on hot dogs alone, can he?

So Andrew has been great and cute and the tantrums have really decreased lately. HALLELUJAH!!!!! The next thing I am trying to tackle are his eating habits. Here is a list (very, very brief) of the things he will eat:
-Hot dogs, with ketchup
-Crisps (in American: potato chips)
-Occasionally a cheese quesadilla
-Rarely some frozen peas

On good days I can also get him to eat fruit: apples, strawberries and grapes

Pretty much everything else he refuses. I mean refuses!!! Used to eat yogurt-not now, used to like carrots-forget it, used to eat pretty much anything I gave him-that is now a dream gone by. Sigh....remember all the posts I've written about his tantrums? Well, that stems from his stubborn personality and it is now being imposed on food.

I'm sort of at a loss. WHAT DO I DO? I give him the opportunity to eat whatever we are having for meals bust 9 times out of 10 these days he refuses everything. Doesn't matter what I try...games, bribing, threats, punishments, happy praise in cheery voices, etc if he doesn't want it he WONT. DO. IT.

A'ight, so for the last few weeks I have just been offering him good food when it's time to eat a meal or for snacks and I've pretty much stopped giving him any hint of junk food. I figure he'll eat if he gets hungry enough so long as I keep offering him good things, right?!? Sounds reasonable.

Well, these week he has been sort of an angry nightmare and I really think it's because he's not eating enough. The kid is constantly hungry. How do I know this is the case? Well, because when he does manage to take a nibble of this or that he acts so much happier, he is is old fun self again. It last for about an hour or so then his body has used up the goods and its back to anger kid.

I think I'm being pretty darn patient too (as patient as I can be, only 2 1/2 weeks away from my due date anyway) so I am sending a message out there to all you blogger mommas!

Help me! Any suggestions? Any similar experiences? What should I try (if anything) differently!

Thanks, your in-put is appreciated!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why I likes this place....

Ask my little bro, ask any of my friends or family. When I was growing up I had this searingly strong desire to go out into the world (just like Mary Tyler Moore) and see things with my own eyes. However, unlike Mary Tyler Moore, I never had much a desire to work at some swanky city job, I always had my eyes set on something grander and more exotic (at least in my opinion). My dream consisted of green rolling hills, shaggy cows under a blanket of gray skies, old men smoking pipes in tartan pocket caps and bagpipes. Yes, I do like me-self some bagpipes! That's right,my heart has always longed to see beautiful, mysterious Scotland. Why? Don't really know to be honest, I've just always had this affinity for it. My crazy imagination, for some reason, has put Scotland as the front runner of my ideal for a land riddled with magic, history and mystery. In fact, I used to pour over picture books showing stunning scenes of ancient ruined castles, jovial folk, emerald fields and Robin Hood-like forests.

This being the case, I always thought I would make it over here someday but I NEVER in a MILLION YEARS, folks (yep, a MILLION YEARS) ever thought I would get a chance to live here. To LIVE in Scotland...and within the picturesque county of Aberdeen nonetheless (we have the sea and the highlands all in one). Needless to say it was a long held childhood dream come true when my cute hubby got the chance to come here. Yes, we snatched that pretty present right up and I still feel so excited about this whole opportunity!

Anyway, now that we have lived here for over 9 months (yep, going on a year now)I have learned a lot and experienced even more and my wee little heart has been in bliss almost the entire time! Now...have I become any less-enchanted with the place? Well, in some ways--yes, but not in the scenery or the people or the culture or those dang funny "heeland coos"! (Ahem, that would be Highland Cows, thanks...) Besides, the things I have become "less enchanted" with are boring day-to-day stuff that would bug me anywhere so I'm not worried (I'm talking about things like major pot holes in roads, the inability to find Cheetoes, lack of hamburger joints that kind of stuff) But I digress...the point I'm driving towards is that I have always held a fascination with Scotland and now that I live here, I still hold a fascination with Scotland. Something about it just makes me feel like I'm home.

Anyway, so I think that for kicks over the next few weeks I will post about things that make this place so great. I could do it all in one post, I'm sure, but who wants to read something 6 pages long? Anyway, plus my pregnancy self can't stand sitting at this confounded computer for the amount of time it would take me, so for today the first thing I am going to show you is one of my most favorite things: THE SCENERY!

Just check it out!

NOTE: The following pictures were taken by a good friend of ours, Christian Dean. Turns out he has quite the talent for photography and when I saw all these photos (many of them are of places we live near are have been to)I asked if I could put them on my blog. I mean, my dinky camera can't show the scenery like this and Christians photos just capture Scottish beauty perfectly so I had to share them. Thanks Christian!

I know...right?!?!