Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're back!

Hello! For the two of you who actually read this blog, I apologize for being MIA this last month. Truth is that life has been extremely busy and I gave myself a little break. However, I am back and have no more plans to take breaks so please keep checking back as I will be writing a lot more!

Okay, so A LOT has happened in the last little while and I'm only going to share about half of it because the other half is still a little up-in-the-air but we should know in about a week. (Do I have you curious...HAH! You'll have to wait about a week to see what I'm talking about) So I'll call this post PART 1 of our news focuses mainly on our little stink face, Mi...I mean Andrew. :-)

Andrew turned 1 on April 24th!!!!! I can't believe it has already been a year. I mean, it feels like I just got back from the hospital yet at the same time it feels like he has always been here. I can't imagine what life would be like without him. He had a lot of fun celebrating his birthday. That morning we went for a swim to test out one of his present, a new floaty-car-inner-tube thing (I don't know what it's really called, yikes). Anyway, he absolutley loves the water so we thought it would be a fitting gift. He had a blast and it was a lot of fun. After that I pretty much pampered him all day. I let him eat ice cream for lunch and stay up late to see dad get home before he went to bed. It was great!

The next day we got together with Gma and Gpa Moody and all the aunts and uncles for a party. (It was the best day to get everyone together AND Mike didn't have to work). First we opened presents and then we ate some yummy cake. His FAVORITE present was the most fitting toy I could have ever imagine for him. If you know Andrew you know he LOVED to hit things and make loud banging sounds. In fact, up until his birthday he used to hold my hair brush in his hand wherever he went because it was so much fun to bang it against walls or couches or...people! (I know, we are working on the people thing...) Anyway, well, Gma Moody got him a present that was a PERFECT fit with Andrew's love of banging things. It is a little stand that has four holes on the top. I ball fits snuggly into each whole and then Andrew has a hammer and can pound the balls down into the hole! Then the balls do through a little maze (kind of like in those fancy gumball machines) and he can take them out and do it again! HE. LOVES. IT. And good news for he keeps the hammer in his hand all day and I get my hairbrush back!

He was a little pig when it came to cake. We got it free from Albertsons and it was decorated in bright, fun colors and tasted delicious! (For any of you mommy's out there, I learned that if you call Albertson's and ask them for a cake for you kids first birthday, they give it to you for free!!!!) We thought we would give him the whole cake but it turned out being bigger than we thought so instead we cut him a huge chunk and let him have at it! He sure did and he ate the whole thing!!!!! I mean, sure, there was chocolate bits and butter cream frosting smeared all over but the actual cake part all went into Andrew's belly! What a boy!!!!

Later that night we were able to meet up with some of our good friends from the ol' BYU ward. It was so GREAT to see everyone and we had a great time. Thanks again Jone's for sharing your lovely home!!!!

Another exciting event for Andrew is that HE FINALLY SPROUTED A TOOTH!!!! That means no baby denchers, HURRAY! It's kind of crazy that it took a full year before it finally started happening but I am sure glad it has! I will make sure to post a picture as soon as it comes through a little more...right now it's just a wee litte nubbin in the front of his bottom gums.

The last piece of exciting Andrew news is that we can walk! I haven't gotten good pictures or video yet but he literally started three days after his birthday! Up until now he had been taking a few steps here and there and walking along furniture but now he is a real life walker! Look out! :-)

Well, I have posted some pictures. I hope that this up-dates you on most of what's been going on. But, as I mentioned before, more is coming soon! :-)

Mike blowing up the new toy:


Uh-Oh! Andrew ran over dad!

Some of the family, waiting around to open presents:

Getting ready to open it!

Yummy Cake!

See! Here is is even using his new hammer to eat his cake!

Andrew and his little friend Jackson decided they both wanted Laura at the same time! Laura you will be a great mom!