Monday, March 28, 2011


So, we live in a small flat and therefore Andrew and Abby get the befit of sharing the same room. Normally I would agree that having kids share a room is a great, initiatory passage to life but I am having problems....ISSUES!

Abby, being a wee bairn, still likes to wake up in the middle of the night and cry. You know, just to make sure the ol' vocal chords still work. So, since she is 6 months plus, I decided move her into the living room at night and let her cry it out to see how that would go. Went great! She is a small tings so she still fits in her Moses basket and after about 2 days she was sleeping blissfully through the night. So, I took the next step and moved her into the crib in Andrew's room. Here is the problem I am encountering:

When I put them down for bed, they both go to sleep just fine.HOWEVER starting at about 3am Abby cries...the first time I just let her do it, knowing it would stop after a minute or two. But it didn't...she kept going and then Andrew woke up. have to understand that Andrew can really be a terror at night. He DOES NOT appreciate getting woken. So, I went in to take care of Abby and ended up putting her back in the living room so I could calm Andrew who proceeded to have an hour of tantrums and demands....please, again, keep in mind that is is 3am...I'm not feeling so loving or patient at that hour.

Anyway, so the next day I decided we will try again and see what happens and basically, the same thing did. And the next night....the same thing. So, now I am left in this predicament.

Abby is used to her Moses basket in the living room. She seriously quiets right down and goes to sleep the minute I put her in it. Andrew, has begun waking up at 3 am...just because! YES! THIS IS GREAT! (Oh, by the way, that was sarcastic) So every night I have to sort him out at 3 and I've just put Abby in the living room to start...easier that way. But, I have problems!!! This can't last. Abby can't stay in her Moses basket much longer...she getting too big, it's not safe. Andrew needs to learn how to deal with her making noises at night. BUT I don't know how to do this gracefully.

In one last attempt last night I decided I would just keep Abby in her crib and let her cry it out and Andrew will just have to deal with it...I decided I was going to just sign out. Um...come 3 am, that lasted about 7 minutes before WWIII broke out. Andrew screaming, yelling for "BABY BE QUIET", which obviously didn't help Abby as she began screaming even louder. Then Andrew came running into our room and has a bit of tantrum and get the idea. This something I can't just ignore and hope they sort out...I must actively parent this but Mike and I are both flabbergasted at what we can do.

So this post is to beg, plead and beseech those of you with any wisdom at all on the topic to offer your advice. Your experienced...ANYTHING to help us out!!!!!

Thank you

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To Andrew...

Andrew, today I saw another side of you.

You are normally the boy who is completely unfazed by anything that falls under the category of "Yucky".

Who could forget the time you once spit out chewing gum on a dirt path before a family walk and when we came back nearly an hour later, I noticed you chewing that same gum, only this time filled with pebbles and dog hair and all manner of unspeakable horror. All you had to say was, "Yumm!"


How about the time you spilled soda on the nasty Costco dining table and began licking it up before I had a chance to pry you away? When I finally did, you had a funny look on your face because you had also lapped up a little of someones leftover shepherds pie.


How about the fact that whenever I vaccuum it's a challenge for me to keep you from sucking on the end of the hose...the hose that sucks up withered grapes, bathroom hair and soggy bits of sick-out.


What about how you like to poke the inside of the toilet with your little chubby finger WHILE you are going potty! (And NO...his hand almost never comes back unscathed)


How about that one time I let you roll in mud! Gooped it in your hands, squished it in your toes and squleched it all over your little body. It didn't phase you, in fact you had the time of your life! You still ask to play in the mud!!!!!


How about the fact that you don't mind a runny nose. In fact, I have even (gasp) caught you doing a little lick if I can't wipe it away fast enough. these are just a few of the reasons why I, in your 2 plus years of lif, have come to know you has a 100% boy's boy who liked to get dirty...who is made of tough stuff and who isn't balked by messes or anything else that a normal person might consider nasty.

I guess that's why I was so shocked today...seriously flabbergasted when I heard you dry heave. I quickly looked up to see the sickened look on your face as you managed to utter the words, "Mommy, yucky!" I stopped to grab my bearings...what were you referring to? What was so yucky? And did it!

You seriously....literally vomited your lunch because of what I was doing. I rushed to your side, asked if you were sick, checked your temperature, made sure you were ok. The only thing I got from you was, "Mommy, I fine." Only you followed by a point to the container in my hands as you say, "Oh, soooo yucky!" And then another little dry heave.


So, Andrew, I am sorry that what I was doing made you feel so queasy. I am sorry that you just aren't man enough to see past the "yuckiness" of my task. But I still have to continue, unfortunately it's a necessary part of life...or Abby's rather. But I promise you, from here on out, you no longer have to watch or even be in the same room the next time I feed Abby some baby food.