Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Speaks To Me...

Alright. Sometimes I get tired of the penny-pinching grad-school student life (even if it is in Scotland, although that simple fact sure helps a ton). Don't get me wrong, SUPER grateful my hubs is doing what he loves and what he is good at AND for the fact that we even get to have this amazing opportunity to go grad school when I know not everyone gets that chance but...sometimes I just get a little tired of 650 sq foot living space, Ramen noodle meals and ghetto rigging cars. And in these moments I find myself daydreaming about that affordable starter home with the white picket fence and fixer-upper yard. Or that sweet little SUV that can hold my chunky stroller, soon-to-be-TWO car seats and provide enough shoulder room for all.

This being said, here is my confession: When I get in these little moods I sometimes look at used cars in the classifieds or browse my most favorite website, Just a little pick me totally gets rid of the grad-school budget blues for a month or so until another one hits. Well, today I had a little case of it and as I was browsing some listings of cool family cars I came across this youtube video. It sang to me. I decided that someday I will rock my own swagger wagon. YO!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alright...A Much Needed Info Dump-Update Post other than my most recent broody epiphany, I have not posted anything for too long a while. I have some serious catching up to do. Read on if you wish...otherwise look at the pics and enjoy!

I have hardly posted a thing about this and I am fast approaching 7 months! Can't believe how quickly this one is going. Probably because I have an active little 2 year old for company this time, but I still can't help feeling like this baby is just sneaking up on me!

I have had a lot of chastisement for not sharing any baby bump pics or telling the gender, etc so I have decided to address these things. for the gender...drumroll AMBIGUOUS BABY!!!! Alright, alright...I'm sorry but we still don't know and we wont find out for certain until, well, the baby's birthday, ha, ha, ha. WHY, you ask!? Well, it is certainly NOT because we want to be surprised or whatever, seriously don't have the patience for that but it's more like a force of hand. You see, it turns out that Aberdeen is one (if not the only) place in the UK that will not tell you the gender as part of the normal set of ultrasounds. I guess there has been issues with people suing if the gender is wrong, or people getting violent if the nurses can't find the gender (crazy scots!) and so they basically put out a decree saying, "if you can't play nice then you can't play at all." So...I could go get a scan done privately to find out, but I'm afraid it's pretty expensive and won't happen on a grad student budget. So...we are just going to be surprised! (Seriously annoys me...I am too much of a future planner, but perhaps it's a good lesson on patience, right?)

However, I was little cheeky when I had my ultrasounds. I told the nurse I was looking to find evidence of the gender (and I have been taking on-line quizzes, yes they have those!) and she was nice and obliged a bit. Once she got to the, um, tell all areas, she was really slow and explained very carefully, "Here are the legs, this is the bum, see how the legs are apart...." Long pause. Anyway so although nothing is certain, Mike and I both think it's a girl. We saw no evidence of "outdoor plumbing", if you will. Doesn't mean we could be wrong, but I would say we are about 80% sure.

So that's the DL on the gender issue. As for belly pics...I have taken some. I feel fat and I have gotten bigger with this one at a quicker pace than with Andrew. I suppose that is typical, though. I attached a picture of one that gives you an idea. It's the most current (the most recent "official" baby bump photo was taken two months ago and I am much bigger now). My sister was just here and she took this while we went out to see some cows. It's not the best, but it gives you an idea I am standing in front of cows...makes me feel a little better about myself. :-)

Everything is going well. The baby looks healthy and is moving like crazy. The official due date is September 17 and we are excited for the challenge of adding another little member to our family. Andrew is cute...he looks at my belly frequently these days and says, "Baby in deer..." and gives it a kiss. Yes, Ive been coaching him. I think it will be a bit of shock at first, he is the king of the castle, but ultimately I don't think it will take long for him to adjust. Only time will tell though...

Mike is about halfway through his first clinical rotation. His program will have six total throughout the 2 years he is here. To make a long story short it was quite a challenge his first week and really threw us for a loop. We both thought the rotation would be a nice, relaxed break from all the course work but we were SO WRONG!

Mike has been doing the rotation at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (hospital) and his coordinator (the woman he is working under) is a very high ranking physio and has a reputation throughout the UK for being one of the best in her field(which is great, Mike has been learning A TON from her) but also, for um...being...strict, high expectations...and really, really beasty! Mike is there with one another student from his program and they have both felt major pressure and acute stress as they see probably 5 or 6 of their own patients a day in addition to shadowing, paper work, other observations and oral quizzes from the coordinator. (When I say oral quiz I mean, asking grilling questions like, "Why are you doing that? Explain the anatomy of this. What gave you the idea THAT would work?" And so on WHILE they are treating the patients. So...yes, pressure...absolutely! But after getting his bearings and figuring out how best to learn and do well, Mike has really been improving and LEARNING so much. Yes, this lady may be difficult and hard (think Dr. Kelso from Scrubs) but ultimately it has been really good and they seem to have a good understanding of one another now.

So we are really proud of Mike and all his hard work. We certainly don't get to see him very much, but it's worth it in the end. Plus it makes us really appreciate the weekends when we get him a little more to ourselves!

(SIDE NOTE: Mike is also staying busy with homework and his three church of which is in the stake young men's. He has been on a couple camp outs and here are a few pictures from that)

So...the next bit is just going to be some fun pictures and a few explanations about we have been up to. My sister, Jeanette, just recently came for a visit and it was really great to have her here. We did A LOT of things and I think she had fun. I know I did! However, other than that life has been pretty much, "business as usual". Nothing too exciting, but it sure is pretty.

We do a lot of laundry. Can you see why? Andrew loves to finger paint but it sure is messy.

This is our little yard in the back of the complex. Yes, we do hang up our clothes to dry!!!

Andrew and I love to go for walks. Sometimes we go with our friends, Camille and Rachel, and other times we just go and see where the roads lead. Here are some pics from one of our outings.

Andrew running down a path.

Looking at the interesting flowers

What a great looking stump!

Perhaps I can use it for a tower. I HAVE THE POWER!!!

This one looks nice and soft. Perfect for a....

...little nap!

I think I could see myself staying here! This looks like fantastic mixing pot! What more do I need?

LOOK! A four leaf clover!!!!!! Now I'm supposed to be real lucky, right?

Here are some pictures of a little day trip to the the beach. What a fantastic day!

WELCOME JEANETTE! Here is some evidence of the fun things we did.

One day we went to a little farm. We saw this goat and decided it should be named Gandolf!

We went to an amazing castle one day called, "Castle Frasier" and Mike stopped to do a bit of studying under a tree. I love that view!

There was a really nice kids play area at Castle Frasier. Who knew we would find a Tipi in Scotland?

We were able to spend some time in England with my in-laws during Jeanette's stay. It was fantastic. I absolutely LOVE spending time with them and they were sooo nice to drive us around to see the beautiful sights of the area. Sadly, Mike was unable to come but Jeanette loved the amazing scenery and beautiful houses and Andrew and I really enjoyed seeing Grandma and Grandpa West.


This also seemed to sneak up on us. We didn't really do anything too special...Mike is sooo busy, life just gets crazy so we just decided to enjoy a night in which we did. I made a big Endlish meal, Jeanette helped a lot with Andrew (THANKS JEANETTE) and we watched a movie. (THE INVENTION OF LYING...I do not recommend...pretty stupid). All in all it was a nice day. Can't believe it's been four years already!!

Well there is a lot more I could share but I have officially spent way too much time uploading pictures and Andrew is feeling neglected. I also uploaded a bunch more on facebook for any of you who may wish to see more scenery and Andrew (that's for you, mom).

PHEW...update complete!