Thursday, May 14, 2009

Texting + Bike Riding = Dumb idea

First I just want to say thanks for all your comments about our move to Scotland. We are very excited and it is all set to go for December (on the school front that is...) we still have a lot to figure out as far as Visa's, passports, citizenship (for Andrew and I) and things like that but it will work out. :-)

Second I would like to make a tribute to my little brother, Alan, who just got his mission call to the Seattle, WA mission. Alan, I have never known anyone to be as prepared as you and I am so proud to call you my brother. I love you and you will be everything the Lord wants in a missionary!!!!

Anyway, this leads me into the funny part of this post because I had quite a humorous experience on my way back from my parents house (after Alan opened his call). Some of you may know that I currently live very close to American Fork high school and, in fact, have to walk right in front of it when I go home from my parents house. Well, as I was walking on the sidewalk I noticed the sound of a speedy teen-high boy racing away on his bike, heading towards me and my baby. I politely (and quickly) moved to the edge of the pavement, near the road, so that "speedy gonzalez" could make his way without any obstacle.

Now...before I continue it is important to know that about three or four feet ahead of me was the new, brick constructed marquee flashing neon announcements such as, "AF high rocks!" or something and at the base of the marquee was a lovely miniature courtyard comprised of 2-3 benches and a nice brick constructed garden (matching the marquee, of course) which contained some happily planted petunias and pansies and other colorful flowers. Just next to the garden was a broad, wooden telephone pole, complete with some sort of metal power box on the side.

Well, Andrew and I continued strolling along on the edge of the sidewalk when speedy-high-school-dude whizzed past and surprisingly did not follow the sidewalk that GOES AROUND the a fore mentioned courtyard-marquee combo. Instead he got closer and closer until...SMACK...his bike hit the brick wall of the garden and he toppled over the suddenly stationary handlebars of his bike and landed straight in the petunias. I was shocked and immediately rushed over to see if he was alright, but before I could cover much ground Speedy immediately got up and started stumbling towards the marquee. As he did this I noticed something strange in his demeanor. His head was bent down and his back was a little arched. He didn't look forward or backwards, or anywhere...he just stared at his hands that were semi-curled up in front of him. Perhaps he had a concussion...I sped up my walk. BUT, just as I was beginning to approach him, I noticed something foreign in his hand. It was purple, rectangular in shape and his thumbs were moving across it's miniature keyboard at lightning speed. Could it be? Yes, it was! My friend, Speedy, had been texting on his tricked-out, purple, flip-close blackberry the whole time. That must be why he crashed but what really through me was that he didn't stop. The guy continued texting DURING the crash and was STILL GOING! Either that is paramount dedication or...the stupidest thing I have ever witnessed. (I tend to go with the second option because you gets worse...)

I was almost there when I now see "Speedy-the-texting-inferno" stagger right into phone pole as his head smashed into the metal power box, knocking him backwards!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? I mean...

This time, as I was so close, I heard him shout a few inexcusable words as he dropped the oh-so-precious texting device. His water bottle (which I assume was in a back pocket) rolled slowly to my feet. I quickly picked it up and bent over the kid.

"Are you all right?" I asked, BEWILDERED

He stood up quickly and replied with a sheepish grin, "I guess this isn't my lucky day."

"I guess not. Here's your water bottle."

I handed him the beverage as he thanked me and ferociously rubbed his forehead. I lingered for a sec, just to be certain he was alright, but...I knew I was good to go as soon as he picked up the blackberry and continued his frantic key-punching.

WOW!! This kid was a trooper (is that the right word...maybe 'oblivious' is better). I mean, texting while riding a bike and not even caring to stop after he crashed...and then being so consumed to get injured AGAIN. I don't know folks...guess the moral of this story is, Don't text and could end up in a pile of pansies!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Part Two: More news... I mentioned in the last post, we have a few more pieces of news. Here they are:

1) We got a laptop. It's really nice, red Dell and we have been talking about getting one for a long time but what finally made us take the plunge into buying it was news number 2.

2) WE ARE GOING TO SCOTLAND! YAY!!!! (imagine bagpipes playing in the background) Put on the kilts and get your forks ready for some hagus, because this December we will be moving to Aberdeen, Scotland and staying for two years!!!

Some of you may have known that we applied to Physical Therapy school there and well....they offered Mike a place early last week. (And can I just say that after a phone interview and a lot of correspondence, Mike rocked! They said they were really impressed by him which prompted them to offer him a spot so early!) Anyway, we have been somewhat unsure about it up until this point. There are A LOT of things to consider but after much research and a lot of talking, we feel like this what we need to do. It's funny how things work out in the end, because ever since we made the decision we have both felt sooo good about it and that this is where we need to go.

So...that is our most exciting news of the moment. I will probably be writing more about later but Mike officially sent his acceptance yesterday so I wanted to share the good news. It's official!

Just for fun, here are some pictures of the beautiful place we will be calling home.