Saturday, December 8, 2007

Baby Update

(PICTURES: 5 months down, about 4 more to go...)
This last week has been pretty exciting because Mike and I learned the gender of our little "it". We just found out that we are having a....(imagine a drumroll here)......BOY!!!! YAY! Now we just need to find a name. We have a few that we like: Paul, Ethan, Andrew, Jonathan...but we still aren't sure yet. We will happily take any suggestions, so feel free to let us know what you think!!

(A little side note: The day after we learned the gender of out little man, Mike and I decided we could finally look at some baby things. So, went to Target and had a lot of fun checking out the little boy clothes and toys but then we made a HUGE mistake and started calculating the costs of strollers, high chairs, cribs, diabers, clothes, toys, etc. etc... At that point we both started to get a little freaked out and shell shocked so we decided to quit while we were ahead and went home without buying anything. However, a little later that afternoon my mom brought us a bag of goodies containing some very adorable baby boy clothes and toys. This made us feel a little better....thank heavens for wonderful gradparents!)

Random Holloween Pictures

I know this is a little late in coming but I wanted to post some pictures of the Halloween party that we had with our friends. (1-Becca & Colby Gage as Shrek and Fiona...looking good 2-Jeremy and April Leatham won the best costume vote. They dressed up as a border patrol officer and a fugative. Little Talmage was a pirate. 3-We tried to make a nice block of ice in the shape of a hand to go in the punch but...some of the fingers broke off, yikes!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Joining the Blogging World the encouragement of many friends and family we have decided to create a blog. I'm still learning how to use this thing and I hope that I get the hang of it soon.Mike and I are still living in Provo, UT right across the Provo library in an ungly-on-the-outside but cute-on-the-inside apartment. I graduated from BYU in April and am working two jobs, one at BYU Independent Study and the other at the Utah County Health Department. It keeps me really busy but that is a good thing and I continue to learn a ton! Mike is still going to school and he is doing great. He currently works with the BYU women's soccer team doing sports medicine and he really has a nack for it. He never stops amazing me by all that he can get done with such a limited amount of time....and he does so well in everything!

The most exciting thing going in our lives at the moment is the continued expansion of my waistline. Yep, for those of you who may not yet know, Mike and I are expecting a baby the end of April (April 27 to be exact). We are super excited but also a little nervous as the reality creeps closer and closer. Right now I am at the stage where people are probably thinking, "hmmm it looks like that Emily should trade in the twinkies for some carrot sticks" but for the most part I'm really enjoying it.'s the only time of my life where I don't have to care about getting "fat". Anyway, I have my ultrasound scheduled for exactly two weeks from today and should be able find out the gender. I'll keep everyone updated but until then, we are excited to be joining the blogging world!