Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've been tagged...

One of my cool friends, Andrea, tagged me (my first time being tagged...oh my, how exciting) so I am excited to fill out the questions. Here goes:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago... that would make me 15...15! Holy cow all of a sudden the realization that I am 25 just hit...25 is not old, it's NOT! Anyway, at 15...I would like to say that at 15 I was active in community projects, a good member of society, popular in my class and an all around go-getter BUT in reality when I was 15 I was just over the "greasy years" and starting to appreciate the value in good hygiene and deodorant (I know...sick, I was a late bloomer). Also, my time was most likely occupied by my desire to look cool, figure out more about myself (I learned through experimentation with my friends that I can do a great Scary Spice impersonation) and figure out how to get boys attention (even though I would have denied that till the end). Oh...what horrific and hilarious memories!

5 years ago?
That would make me 20. 20 was a good year for this time I figured out what I wanted (really wanted) in life and my showering habits were (and are) well established. Also, when I was 20 I finished my first and last year at BYU-Idaho (where I met my future hubby, although I didn't know it at the time) and I lived in
Quito, Ecuador for about 3 months to take care of orphans! That was one of the most learning and growing times of my life....I loved year 20!

5 months ago?
Christmas time...was that really only 5 months ago? Well, at Christmas time I was about 6 months pregnant and Mike and I went to
England to see his parents. What a great adventure that was and OH how I love, love, love England! The landscape, the shoppes, the history, the accents, the "football", the food and, most importantly, the family there! I also enjoyed the fact that I still got paid while I was gone....I love vacation time...LOVE IT!!!

5 things on my to-do list today:
1-Take a shower....please, I need to take a shower...BAH!
2-Feed baby, change baby, dress baby, play with baby. Repeat cycle multiple times throughout the day. (Folks, this will be the BULK of my day by far)
3-I would LOVE to read a little from Inkheart (the current book I'm reading).
4-Pack up some stuff and start cleaning the apartment (we are moving in a week).
5-Sit down and eat a meal...not just sporadically shove food in my mouth while the baby is content.

5 Snacks I enjoy:
-Junior Mints (I'm right here with you on this one, Andrea)
-Popcorn, not just any kind needs to be movie theater popcorn with extra butter, that's right, lard!!!
-Crackers and cheese (good, stinky cheese like feta or brie)
-Fruit snacks. Any will do but I most often like the cheap, Kroger brand the best.
-Mandarin oranges from a can or a good vegetable cup with ranch dressing

5 things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:
1-Tithing and savings/invest for future (I know, sounds sorta boring but really, that's what comes to my mind first)
2- Pay off school and any debt for ourselves and family
3-Buy a home...a nice home. Not too fancy but preferably one that is set on some land with a little pond and enough room to have horses.
4-Travel with the family. Go to crazy-cool places like
Ethiopia, Figi, Jerusalem, Tonga, know, SEE the world!
5-I would love to set up some sort of organization that helps distribute money and teach skills to people in need (both within and without the U.S.), sort of like a mix between micro credit programs and the perpetual education fund. I'm not sure exactly how that would work but that is one of my ambitions!

5 of my bad habits:
1-I bite my fingernails and crack my knuckles
2-I have a hard time returning calls (I'm really trying to get better at this, but I often get busy and forget about it till a couple days's a HORRIBLE habit)
3-I'm not very good at writing my little brother who is on a mission (yeah, he doesn't write back but it's still no excuse)
4-This is a recent one but I like to peel off the little dry, flaky skin on my baby. I just want him to look clean and well-groomed, OK?!
5-I pick my lips, yeah...sounds weird but any time I'm nervous or I'm concentrating on something, I tend to pick at my lips and make them bleed a little. (I'm a bit embarrassed by this one)

5 Places I've lived:
1- Michigan (I was born here, I count it)
2- American Fork, UT
3-Rexburg, Idaho
4-Quito, Ecuador (I totally count this)
5-Provo, UT

5 Jobs I've had:
I've had a lot of jobs so I'll just pick my top 5
1-Public Health Educator (helping people quit smoking, excellent job!)
2-Front Desk Assistant at Independent Study (this job kept me on my toes and I was ALWAYS busy, I liked that fast-paced atmosphere...most of the time)
3-Secretary for the Health & Human Performance Advisement center at student job in the world...the WORLD.
4-Medical Assistant (the doctor I worked for was nutty and I eventually quit but it was a great learning experience and weird as it may be, I really enjoyed giving shots and drawing blood)
5-Concession worker at Water Gardens Cinema 6. Remember how I said I LOVE movie theater popcorn and junior mints? Well, these items were in abundance AND they were free at this job...need I say more?

5 things people don't know about me:
1-Although I wish I was, I am NOT crafty in any way, shape or form. I try...but I'm not very good at all.
2-I love corny Latin music...the cheesy kind with horns and a maracas that you often hear blaring at construction sites.
3-I don't have my ears pierced. Just decided not to.
4-I know how to cut boys hair...I learned on my brothers and I still do it for my husband. I'm no professional but I'm not horrible either!
5-I hate, hate, hate spiders...abhor them! I honestly think that it's so bad it could be classed as a phobia, but I literally cry and curl up in a ball if I know one is in the apartment and my husband isn't here to get it...stupid, yes! I know it's irrational but I am petrified of them!!!

Well...that was fun! Now I am going to tag Morgan, Kristi, Laura, Chelsea, Meredith, Angie and anyone else who wants to do it. It's fun!! :-)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


So, I first just wanted to thank everyone for all your kind comments and for the immense amount of help we have received since little Andrew was born. I am so overwhelmed by how wonderful everyone has been with dinners and just coming by to visit! Thank you sooo much, it means a lot to Mike and I!

Well, I wanted to write a little and just say how much I am LOVING being a new mom. I also wanted to say that it is so fun seeing Mike as a daddy...he is a natural and he so patient and loving to Andrew...possibly one of the sweetests things I have ever seen. I also think I am possibly the luckiest new mom in the world because Andrew is such a good baby. Here are the reasons why:
1) He sleeps practically through the whole night! I'm not joking!!!! Typically he goes to bed at about 11 and wont wake up until arounf 5 or 6 am! Now...I (on the other hand) am still a bit paranoid so I will often wake up and feed him anyway but, if I left it up to him...he would sleep all night! ( is a little caviot: I know that he may grow out of this but right now it is shere bliss)

2) He never cries...unless naked! Yep...he will wimper if he's hungry and fuss if he is gassy but once those problems are fixed he is content and happy. Now...if I take off his clothes to change his diaper or give him bath he will definately scream (but even then, it's not like a raging cry...more like and angry "Why would you do this to me" kind of thing). But really...not bad at all!

3) He is cute, cute, cute! Those who know me have heard me say that often, new borns can be sort of alienish in their appearance. I did not think it would be any different with my little man but I was wrong (at least in my mind). He had NO conehead, no bruising...just a little squishy face wich has since started to fill out and seriously (I know I'm his mom but...) he is adorable!

4) He cuddles--I know that this is a trait for all newborns but, man, is there anything better?!

5) He eats great---So I was extremely nervous about breast feeding but it has been great. Aside from the infection I just got over, it hasn't hurt and Andrew it a spectacular eater. He will usually eat about 3-4 ounces every 2-3 hours and he stays very happy. (He will most likely become a chubber, but...hey it's more to live and cuddle)

Anyway, those are a few of the reasons why I think he is the greatest!

Mike and I are doing great and I am feeling better and better as the days go by. Labor was not too bad. I did have two false alarms (meaning I went to the hospital twice and they sent me home) but third time was the charm and I was able to stay. Once I was admitted it only took about 6 hours until he came (and only 4 contractions to push him out). All in all I feel so extremely blessed that everything as went as well as it did. I know it's not like this all the time and I am so grateful for the ease it has been thus far (although I know it will most likely get harder). I love being a mom and Mike loves being a is a great time!!!!

Above are some pictures for your veiwng pleasure :-)