Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here are some pics of the kids. There have been quite a few changes and milestones in their lives since I last wrote. The following is their story.


Fun, enthusiastic, sweet, iron-willed Andrew is, as he puts it, "DAH BEST!!!" School here begins at age three therefore on August 17 he began attending Peterculter Playgroup (name of the pre-school). It has been the best thing ever for him! He goes every morning from 9-12 and comes home happier and more imaginative than ever. I had a hard time the first few days although I didn't think I would. I was wrong, I checked my phone almost every ten minutes thinking that his teachers would call and tell me that he needed me. He didn't. He absolutely loves going and it has turned him into a different kid in many ways...all good ways.

Here are some pictures of him on his first day.

In his school jumper (sweatshirt)

His favorite things right now are: Peterpan, sword fights, pirate ships, playing with Cooper (his friend from school, wrestling with dad, helping mom cook and clean, ride his trike, play outside and jump off the sofa like so...

(He also likes Spiderman and often tells me that I am the "good bad guy" and he is Spiderman and we are friends.)

Adorable, chubby, cheeky, sweet, sensitive, angel girl has been growing and growing. She turned ONE on September 12 and I about had a fit thinking how fast this last year has gone. She is such a sweetheart and I don't know how we even went through life without her. She is crawling machine and can say: Momma, Daddy, Hi-ya, bye-bye and uh-oh. She can also stand on her own and could walk if she wanted, but the idea still scares her a bit. So we will let her take her time, there is no rush...none at all.

Although Andrew still isn't 100% on playing with Abby all the time, it has gotten much better. He enjoys playing outside with her and she basically just adores him. We sure do love these little bugs!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alright here is some stuff...

So I decided to show, rather than tell, about our recent adventures. So, with a few captions here and there the next few posts will tell the story of our lives in photographs. Enjoy!

A brambling we will go! Among many other things, Scotland is phenomenal for berry picking...WILD berries. Seriously, they grow right outside...look!

This time we found raspberries

But the most common are blackberries (i.e. "brambles") We filled buckets...buckets, of this delicious "weed" (they think it's a nuisance here). That is why I included not one...but TWO pictures. Just wanted to illustrate the BUCKETS (plural) we picked. So cool...OH! And those little red berries are some wild strawberries. I know, right!?!

We mainly use our spoils for smoothies, but I tried a few other things too.

Raspberry chocolate pavlova

I attempted jam

Looks good, right? Well, good thing you can't taste it. It was NASTY...guess I used too much sugar. Sigh...I am determined to do better next time.

We go on a lot of walks. See!

We were in some woods and happened to come across someone's private castle. I mean, c'mon, that is pretty cool!

Sorry some of those pictures are was because on those days it was rainy.

More to come soon...