Friday, June 26, 2009

The ramblings of a tired, bored mommy

So, Mike is out of town for the second weekend in a row. Last week he was gone from Wed-Sat on a young mens camp out in which he had a really great time and made lots of friends. (I hear they manly bonded by bashing each others accents and sport of choice...i.e. american football is not "real" football, you get what I mean) Anyway, that was great and I was happy for him but also extremely relieved to have him back. You see it was the first time in FOUR years we hadn't seen each other. YIKES!

Well...when he got home I was all excited and matronly and wore my cutest little apron and baked him all kinds of goodies and made him take a shower...and Andrew, my goodness, the boy clearly missed his ol' pop because he would not leave his side. No sir, once Mike was home it was go-away-mommy-ville and let's-have-fun-dad mode. The kid seriously got offended if, heaven forbid, I tried to hold him or I tried to feed him. As I'm sure you may have guessed this did NOT make my day. I mean, was I really so horrible? I let him eat fruit snacks, I let him run around the driveway, I even let him play in the mud, fully clothed AND when he was done I sprayed him off with water, much to his delight! I guess that just can't replace daddy though, daddy is certainly a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable commodity! And joking aside, I was very happy Andrew was clingy to shows how important fathers are, and it sure made us all feel happy!

But then, Mike hit me with a curve ball...he ended up having to leave AGAIN this week. As one of the trainers for the BYU mens soccer team, Mike was told they "needed" him to be there for some games as they traveled to friggin' sunny California. When Mike told me that he would be gone again from Wednesday night to Sunday morning, my first reaction, no biggy. BUT then he started talking about going to Disneyland and walking on the beach and, seriously, to my surprise I got all girly-motional. I began questioning if he would even miss us and asked why he wanted to leave me and blah, blah, blah, tear, sniff, blah.(I was being very irrational, another moment to look back on and cringe thinking of my own stupidity.)Thank heavens Mike, being a cute and rational man, just patted me on the head, gave me a cookie as he smacked my bum and sent me on my way. After that I felt much better. And now here I sit, it's been two days and I'm doin' good. So is Andrew...he loves me again.

Now, I must confirm that I still REALLY do miss my handsome brit, but it's okay and I know he is having a great time which he really deserves! But I am getting a bit bored and I really do miss having a conversation with an adult. So what do I turn to? Blogging. I really like to write, even if it's rambles...which this post really is. In fact, there really is no point to this...just killing, um...what else can I say? OH! My brother has the swine flu (poor guy, but he is getting better), my sister is awesome because she babysat Andrew today for longer than expected because I had to go to work for a meeting... and, um, Andrew is getting heavy. I mean, really heavy! I took him to a playground this afternoon and picked him up to help him get on a slide...when I straddled him on my hip, I swear, my liver got pushed behind my spinal cord. The kid is just big and built sort of like a brick but with legs and arms, you know?!

Well, I guess that's all...sorry if I offended anyone by my lack of organization or witty anecdote. Oh, and P.S. can you believe Michael Jackson died? Crazy, will there ever be another celebrity to make flood pants and white sports socks with black penny loafers hip? I think not...he will be missed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Here is a little update on what the West family has been up to these last few weeks.

Ho....what?! I mean, anyway...Mike and I have spent a lot of time fixing up my grandpa's (known as Papa) yard. It's been a lot of fun but A LOT more work. His backyard had this weird, randomly placed wood deck covered in chipped red paint located in the far left corner of the back. It was shoddily made and I swear it gave me splinters just looking at it. It took a little time but we finally convinced Papa to get rid of it (he didn't want to have to deal with the mess, understandably) but we figured out ways to do it so it wouldn't be that bad and he agreed! No surprise, it wasn't too hard to take apart but we were left with a huge stack of wood (didn't think to take pictures of it) but thanks to Mike, my brothers and a few other kind people letting us borrow their pick-up trucks and/or trailer we were able to haul all that wood to the dump and we were left with a lovely patch of dirt.

So...what did we do with the dirt? We made a garden!!!! (Provident Living, right?)I must confess this was actually a main motivation for tearing down the deck. We were very excited about the prospect of having our own little garden. I thought it would be easy, you know...till the dirt a little and then plant away! Not so! Apparently American Fork top soil is like a gravel pit. He spent almost a whole week just clearing out rocks so that something might have a chance to grow. We cleared a TON (literally, I wouldn't be surprised if that's how much it all ended up weighing) but there are still quite a few little rocky friends.

Oh well, we eventually got it good enough so we went to WalMart, bought some manure, some seeds and a few plants. We tilled in the manure (After I had a quite discusting incident of trying to throw one of the poop bags over the fence and, being the weakling I am, it only made it half way up, split, and I was then covered in stinky layer of cow mist...not my finest moment). After that we made rows and planted seeds and plants. It was a very rewarding feeling to see it all done! SO far it is growing great. Here are some pictures and a list of all the our future vegetables:
-Carrots -corn
-Zuccini -brussel sprouts
-tomotoes -beans
-parsnips (an ode to Mike) -yellow squash
-lettuce -herbs
-spinach -a little melon patch with honeydew and cantaloupe

MIKE taking a break!

This is how I felt most of the time...grrrrr!


One thing I absolutely love around here are the many parks! I try to take Andrew on a long walk at least once a day and we usually end up going to find new, fun parks to play in. Andrew is more of an outdoor baby and he loves it! I also love the exercise and sunshine! Mike doesn't have to work in the early mornings anymore so when he isn't studying, he comes too! It's been a lot of fun!

I also have a fun new tradition with my good friend Kristi. She and her two cute girls meet up with Andrew and I every other Thursday to play at the park. It's been so fun catching up with her!! I meant to take pictures of the last time we got together but it ended up being too rainy to stay long (I don't know what we were thinking that day). I will post some soon!

Since we now know we will be living in Scotland, we really wanted to take this summer and do all the fun things that we can in Utah before we go. I like to call it the Utah Bucket list. One of the first things we have done is visit the Sandy Aquarium. It was a lot of fun! Although I think Andrew had a better time looking at all the other kids than the fish! (Think he needs a playmate?!?) It was kind of short but we thought it was great and we got some fun pictures too!

Andrew and I got to touch a string ray! It felt like soft, mossy slime!

Andrew and Daddy!

This was supposed to be a picture of glitter fish, can't really tell but they were cool!

I thought he looks like yoda! YODA FROG!

It looks like the fish weren't the only thing on exhibit!

Is that you girlfriend, andrew? He was trying to kiss the fish!

This was supposed to be of jelly fish, can't really seem them but daddy and Andrew are having fun!

Here is an octopus! WOW! Mommy needs a tan!

Watch out Andrew, the octopus looks hungry!

Thanks Sandy Aquarium!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I was on the fence, but now...

Ya, so...I'm at home right now, which is currently located in a dark basement, right? And Mike is working with the BYU Men's soccer team in Ogden and won't get back until midnight. It's rainy outside, dark and it's thundering. Usually this weather calms me, makes me feel all snuggly and stuff but not tonight.

Tonight I am...gulp...frightened! (Thunder claps in the background as my dark room eerily lights and fades with a florescent bolt of lightening and then...WHAT THE...! Oh, my phone seriously just made a noise indicating I have a new text message. PHEW, but definitely the wrong time for my friend to tell me she is currently partying at a Scottish festival. However, now that the initial shock has worn off, I better tell her to watch out for those kilts, it's a windy night)


WHY, you ask, am I so frightened? Well, I'll tell you why in one word: CLOWNS

I mean, isn't it obvious? Okay, maybe not so obvious to some so I'll explain. After I got Andrew in bed for the night, I made myself dinner and decided to see what was on the ol' boob tube. Just my luck, the first thing I come to is, The Dark Knight.

"My," I thought to myself, "I haven't seen this show. Mike saw it, said it was alright. Why not?" (For the record, I am astounded by my own stupidity at times...I mean, there was a REASON I didn't go see it with Mike the first time and now I suddenly think I'd be OK because--what--I'm sitting at home, alone, in a nearly windowless basement next to a storage room which, quit frankly, smells a little freakish?)

Well, it had just started so I began watching... and watching. I could have just turned it off, sure, but no! Instead, Einstein Emily, watched as it began with a sickly scene of joker making people rob a bank and then killing each other, or something, and then basically the same thing happened over and over again. And, let's be honest, no matter how cute that Christian Bale may be, it did nothing...NOTHING to make me see any light in that warped piece of cinema. However, the thing that made it worse was not all the dark undertones (actually, more like OVERtones) it was the freakishly disheveled, grotesque clown that Heath Ledger became as the Joker. (Ya, the guy definitely deserves the Oscar, May he rest in peace.)

Now, bear in mind, I don't wish to offend anyone because I know many a man (lot less women, though) LOVE this movie and to you I say, alright...more power to ya. But it's just not my thing. And it was the indescribably freakish joker that has now put me into a fit full of the heebie-jeebies!

So this is what it comes down to.

I have always been on the fence with clowns. Yes, I see how they are scary. I mean, an ADULT human being dressed up in stupid, over-size clothing with an obscene amount of face paint meant to "accentuate" their expressions. Not to mention, they have abnormally large feet and prefer the "Hyuk, hyuck" laughter. That's really not normal...even if it is meant to entertain small children, actually...ESPECIALLY if it's meant to entertain small children. BUT on the other side, I also saw how they can be fun. I grew up watching Bozo the happy clown who gave away prizes on his Saturday morning show to children and not to mention, Ronald McDonald? The guy was full of fun, and I think he was even on Sesame Street! So basically, it was these nice portrayals of this very un-natural phenomenon that have always made me stay on the fence when asked how I felt about our "friendly" circus pals.

But now...after seeing The Dark Knight I find myself way off the fence on this one. I mean, I have completely cleared the fence and sprinted half-way across the lawn to the door, but somehow can't quite make it to safety because a lunatic man equipped with a squeaky red nose and rainbow colored hair is trying to grab my ankle.

Also because of this movie every scary depiction of a clown I have ever seen has come racing back into my head. Like the one time my sister and I stayed home on a Halloween night and watched a part of that movie, IT (edited on TV). Or the one time, again, on a Halloween when that weird kid I sat next to in English came to class dressed like a clown and then ASKED ME OUT! I mean, scary what do I do now?

Ughhh...I'm all freaked out. Maybe you could do me a solid and leave a comment with some nice thoughts or happy memories?!?


Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Battle of Epic Proportions

It's dusk. The sun is sinking beneath the horizon. The birds are beginning to slow their song as the crickets warm up their symphony of strings. I am alone, sitting behind a desk staring anxiously at the clock that slowly ticks the minutes away.

It's been 53 54.

I listen close. Nothing. Then, a little cry rings in my ears. It's Andrew. I put him to bed at 7:06, his usual bedtime. I know he is tired, it was evident in his manner. He wobbled around the living room like a drunken sailor, he would not stop rubbing his right eye and his screeching would only cease if I held him. This is typical evening behavior...proof that it's time for bed.

Seeing the signs--so clear--I went about my duty. I changed him, put on his blue pj's, with the trains and frogs, and got a bottle ready. I warmed the milk and retrieved the blanky. Andrew saw what I was doing and started to cry with excitement over the bottle. When it was ready, I took him to the rocker...his favorite place to sit. I snuggled him in, covered him with the blanky and gave him the bottle. He was delighted.

I rubbed his head and sang a little song. His eyes were droopy, getting droppier....closed! The bottle was empty, I know it's time to put him down. I slowly put the bottle on the chair and started to stand. However, just as I got to standing position, daddy made a little chuckle and then...he sneezed.

Oh no...this is a disaster.

I quickly looked down at Andrew as his eyes popped back open. He smiled when he heard daddy laugh. He knows that means fun...but what made it infinitely worse was the sneeze. I ask you, what one-year old baby is strong enough to resist such a sound? It is a clear invitation for fun. I hastily lengthened my stride and exited the living room. Perhaps it's OK, maybe I haven't missed my window yet.

When I reached Andrew's dark, cool room he was squirmy, trying with all his chubby might to look behind my shoulders and see what daddy was doing. By now I's too late. Andrew is curious and his curiosity means only one thing...he will be stubborn.

I tried cradling him, but he wouldn't have it. I tried singing again, he only put his hand on my mouth. It was now or never, so I put Andrew in his crib. I swiftly covered him in his blanky and kissed his cheek. He seemed alright, like he might stay put. I was relieved.

I walked out the room and closed the door so only a small crack let in the faintest amount of light. I heard nothing. Ahhhhh! Relief. That was so close...too close! I smiled to myself as I realized the problem I only narrowly escaped.

"Andrew will go to bed", I thought to myself, relieved.

However, just as I was reaching my bedroom door, I realized that providence was not actually on my side. At first it started as a slight whimper, barely noticeable...and then...a loud bawling began streaming from the depth of Andrew's room.

That's when I knew...there will be a battle tonight.

I first waited for 15 minutes, expecting Andrew to let the drowsiness take over. But, alas, he is as stubborn as his mother and the crying has still not stopped. It has now been 65 minutes and I still hear a small whimper in the next room. It goes against every instinct I have, I want to get my baby, but I know I need to leave him alone. He needs to sleep. I bite my tongue and continue typing with only one question in mind.

Who will win this battle? Andrew--the small, cherubic titan? Or mommy--the stubborn, letter of the law?

Only time will tell...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's been 3 years already

Today is June 3, 2009 which means that exactly three years ago today Michael Richard West and myself got ourselves hitched! Yes, yes, that is right, today is our 3 year anniversary, and guess how we are celebrating it. GUESS!!!!

He's working from 6am-8pm and I'm bein' my baby's mamma. Which means we'll both be pretty dog-tired by the time he gets back, which means that anniversary day will most likely consist of a squinty-eyed game of Yahtzee followed immediately by some serious zzzzz's.

WHAT?! Oh yeah, that sounds fantastic to me (i know it's hard to sense sarcasm in bliggity blog posts so for the record, I am actually being serious.) Really, it's just nice to be comfortable and relaxed enough that we don't have to make a fuss. I mean, sure, we have both done little things for each other (write notes, send a cute little text here and there) but bottom line is...we're just dang happy to be married and,yes, while it is always nice to do a little celebrating (dinner and a movie or something)it's no big deal if we can't and it's just not necessary. We do have plans to go to the Sandy Aquarium this Saturday and we are using our anniversary for an excuse to do that but mainly it's because we think Andrew would love it.

Anyway, that being the scenario it's just kind of fun to see how we have evolved over the last three years. Last night Mike and I stayed up trying to make a list of all the things that have happened in our short three years together. The following is a few of the things we came up with:
-I graduated BYU
-Mike picked a major
-I got a job at the Utah County Health Department
-Mike worked at the HHP advisement center
-I got a second job (full-time) at BYU Independent Study
-Mike got a second job at another advisement center
-Mike had wrist surgery
-I stressed out over his wrist
-Mike's wrist healed
-I was grateful
-Mike got further in his schooling and picked up a couple jobs as an Athletic Trainer.
-We met a lot of good people and made a lot of good friends
-We traveled a lot (Moab, St.George, Hawaii, England twice)
-I got pregnant
-We had an amazingly cute little boy
-That little boy is now 1 year old
-I quit working full-time and Mike picked up a TON of hours at his multiple jobs(such a hard worker!)
-Mike got in to grad school
-I got really excited
In between all those things there has also been some weight gain, some weight loss, one major battle with a crib, three different apartments, the emergence of some gray hair, the loss of someone else's hair, a bunch of laughter, some bouts with crying (especially during the pregnant days), lots of fun and adventure, a bit of confusion and adjustments and a gigantic amount of HAPPINESS!

Mike it's fun to think about all we've been through and I look forward to all the rest to come. I couldn't have created a better person for me than you, and there has never been anyone who has made me laugh more or feel better. I sure do love you, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Here are some fun pictures of our last three years together (and a little extra too) :-)