Friday, March 24, 2017

It's been 5 YEARS!!!

So...I have not blogged on this thing for 5 long years. It's a little crazy and A LOT has happened since then (obviously). We have since moved from Scotland and have been living in the good ol' USA. We are currently in Springville, UT living in our first home (no more apartment rentals...hallelujah!). We have been here for two years and since I last posted we have added two more kiddos: Oliver (now 3) and Sam (11 months). Life just marches on. I have missed blogging and I want to get started again. So I plan to continue to post here again, I know some family and friends have asked me to be better at it so I am going to try! But just fyi I have also started another little blog as a creative outlet (I just needed a little thing to help keep me know? And for whatever reason I like to write.) I will post there too if you are interested. It's

I'm happy to be getting back to blogging. More to come soon, right now I have to go pull Sam out of the toilet!

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