Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween and Birthdays

Still trying to catch up.

Halloween was great. Lots of fun, tons of activities. First off we carved ourselves a proper Jack-O-Lantern. Andrew said his name is makes sense.

Andrew has been really into Peterpan lately so, naturally, it was a perfect choice for his Halloween getup. (Mrrmmmm, or perhaps it was because we found a £6 Peterpan costume at ASDA in July and I just happened to introduce him to Peterpan a few weeks before Halloween...we'll never know.)

Regardless, our house was inspired by the Scottish imagination of J.M Barrie and we were set to be a Peterpan clan. Mike was to be Captain hook, I was to be Mr Smee, Abby was Tinkerbell and Andrew...well, you already know.

Sadly it didn't all work out exactly as planned.A day or so before the ghoulish festivities Mike's costume fell through and he went as a ghost. (Why? Because we had a spare sheet and some clown paint, that's why) So, I was a pirate, Mike was a ghost and the two wee ones were just cute. Check it out:

The above pictures were taken at the ward Halloween par-tay. The below pictures were taken at Andrew's school. Oh...they were a cute bunch!

Oh..and P.S. I made Abby's wings using old tights, coat hangers, finger paint and fingernail polish. I am NOT crafty, but it's amazing what a student budget does for a persons creativity! (The skirt was one my mom made during our summer visit to Utah--OH GREAT, I just remembered I haven't posted about that either)

ALSO, speaking of getting dolled-up and such, wanna see what I can do with Abby?!?

So excited about pigtails!

The beginning of November ushered in 29 years of life for Mike and I. Fantastic, one more year until 30...not so sure how I feel about that. But we had tons of fun nonetheless. For Mike's big day we made him lots of special food, played lots of games and slept. It was lovely.

For mine, my only request was to go for a walk. I love walks. So we did and Mike even surprised me with some fireworks.

Abby was amazed.

It was a great time and I was (AM) so happy.


Camille said...

LOVE all the pictures!! Abby is so cute and I love that her hair is long enough for pig tails :)
Looks like you've been having a great time and I can't' wait to see all of you soon :D

Rachel Sorber said...

I'm still kinda sad that I missed your birthday--because I didn't KNOW. Nice. Thanks.

Cute pics! :)

Kristi said...

Cute! Hurrays for your update! You all look so great for Halloween...cute idea! I thought of that for my familia, but none of the girls would even think about being Peter Pan :) I would love to be there with you...if even for just ONE walk, they look like the best!